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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
All season hotel (Suzhou Guanqian Street store) (Ji Hotel (Suzhou Guanqian Street)), L'hotel di tutta la stagione è un hotel che aderisce concettualmente al Confuciano 'cinque virtù - calore, gentilezza, cortesia, semplicità e tolleranza'.Secondo il pensiero del Confuciano tradizionale cinese:
rimuovere elementi non necessari nella progettazione dello stile dell'hotel e tornare all'intenzione originale di uso; utilizzare bambù, pino, legno e grande area di spazio bianco nello spazio dell'hotel per portare un suolo naturale e puro statico per i turisti nella città tormentata; dare pieno gioco all'efficienza d'uso, linee semplici e quadro nella disposizione delle stanzeIn termini di servizio, sosteniamo il bisogno delle persone e un moderato godimento sicuro.Quando tutto è tornato all’essenza originale, i sentimenti più diretti saranno veramente presentati. Nel design, speriamo di creare tale essenza, ritornare ai sentimenti reali, non evidenziare il non artificiale, tutto è così familiare, confortevole e naturale.

le nuove strutture alberghiere di alta qualità, la mela all-in-one macchina nella hall business zona e il caffè appena macinato creano un ambiente di riposo confortevole per voi.WiFi ad alta velocità, schermo LCD 42 pollici e scatola di set-top HD perfetta esperienza audio-visiva, sistema di isolamento audio muto ad alta velocità e esclusiva applicazione di materasso 'cloud dream' fatta da jinke'er per tutta la stagione, vi permettono di dormire tutta la notte dopo il bagno in profumati prodotti Rex.
Buon viaggio per tutta la stagione!
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Recensioni Ancora
  • e00073958
    Garden. very friendly staff ... next time.
  • AngelicTt
    Room quiet, quiet, good location, next to the guanqian Street, walk a few steps at the entrance station, there are buses to the train station, bus station, transportation is very convenient, hotel garden features! very much. because there are active, all of a sudden got better, more than 10 people, and everyone ... will also take into account next time.
  • junajing
    Location is good, that's easy right next to Guan Qian Street, but Guan Qian Street nothing better around, go straight 1 km that is, ping Jiang Road, there is also worth a visit. listen to a play comments on or something ... ... This unfortunately didn't go to the Jinji Lake at night. Back to hotel, 2 nights Deluxe set, first night out to a large corridor, noisy room, no small yard, say ornamental public gardens are landscaped. silly we confess.Second days morning a see, family of Park King room has yard, 3 a room total with a small yard. requirements room, second days finally also line, but room noise still is died points, didn't approach solution! next door what voice are has! but service also is good of ~~~ but nearly 600 of price, next I certainly select Jinji Lake there 700 around of five-star hotel!
  • ladenliu
    Hotel in great location, transportation is very convenient to find, around an extremely lively, convenient to the attractions, 35 for breakfast is too simple, room without pen, paper envelopes and traffic patterns more regrets
  • applesunco
    Hotel location is good, quite satisfactory
  • beautful88
    The hotel itself is a small garden, a lot of elderly people sitting near the rest play in the yard of the hotel. room was good.
  • xiaoann1983
    Waiter impression makes I special deep, 15th, morning around has heard small dog in caught door and bark of voice, serious effect rest, while due to full quarter Hotel internal garden landscape compared beautiful, has non-live hotel of elderly will came morning shipped, talk laughing sound larger, Hou will above feedback to has day shift of front desk colleagues, also thought will perfunctory, didn't thought has active of to processing and second days to to has feedback, praise! live hotel sometimes live of is service! room facilities setGet ready, is the bathroom too small!
  • genuii
    Convenient facilities is very good, lots of places to eat nearby, from guanqian Street very close. Lion walking past it.
    Good location and health needs to be strengthened.
  • Arnoguo
    Very good location, service needs to be improved!
  • May8908
    A very good environment, out of convenience, service is also very good
  • G heroes
    Room a bit too small. prices of nearly 300, youngor 298 Yuan, the rooms are bigger. clean or clean the room, lobby environment as well.
  • dingding962001
    Nice, location is great! may be the off-season, the price is very cheap, price super high
  • e01396832
    Everything OK
  • lantaitai
    Very good hotel, clean and neat ... staff very good., big rooms fully equipped.
  • lucydog1
    The environment is very beautiful
  • sabrinaji
  • andyliuliang
    Very good location, surrounding is very lively, within walking distance to the. great. but limited choice, if there is a family room better.
  • xfmao
    Chinese-style Inn, which implied, entered the Lobby color soft and warm, add a touch of perfume for people who wanted to lie down and rest. The room fresh and clean, will not have a musty smell and smoke something on the level of management, makes very good, price is reasonable, CP values on the whole on the level but does not know who is on the selected picture in ctrip overhead photos, photos not seen all seasons hotel, is a pity!
  • gaomin2008
    Fast and good.
  • isabel93
    Good choice! prices are slightly more expensive, you can accept it! eat live and play is very convenient!
  • jingdesjj
    Environmental health very good! also excellent service attitude! convenient! highly recommended?
  • fbap1202
    Location is super nice, hotel facilities is very good, very clean
  • liumang123
    Nice! next time also selected in
  • Alex_Y
    Very nice hotel ... room was clean, the hotel's small garden style, to the humble Administrator's Garden, ping Jiang Road and guanqian Jie are very convenient ... choice!
  • David926
    Hotel was great, environment and antique, journey into amazing caves
  • coldface
    Nice surrounding is very convenient.
  • adamye
    Good location, hotel is fine
  • amaningym
    Lovely hotel clean close to Guan Qian Street convenient around highly recommended
  • bjsjbx
    Which is very good, the only thing is the price of the room and day one price ups and downs than the stock market is also exaggerated, it is the company's problem
  • adaliu82
    First all seasons hotel, fully equipped, clean, comfortable, and location, would recommend it to a friend!
  • aijia89263
    Very good hotel, that is, no Wi-Fi in the room.
  • jiangjian1115
    Very busy around the hotel, shopping is convenient to eat, but no hotel facilities feature across difference
  • xiaocui
    Hotel location is very good, road, few minutes walk from the MTR, hotel nice views, very quiet. next to Guan Qian Street, go to Tiger Hill and Don Street, humble Administrator's garden there is a direct bus, convenient. There are some snack bars around. recommend staying!
  • sg6088
    The decoration of the hotel, facilities were very new, hot water is good, service at the front desk, the room is used can change, daily complimentary two bottle of mineral water, coffee and tea, check-out until 2 o'clock in the afternoon. the hotel good location convenient. are pleased with the hotel and recommend!
  • gardenia226
    Hotel is located in the city centre is very convenient also good location will repeat the
  • aonowang
    Hotel location is very convenient, the hotel's beautiful garden design.
  • yangxiaolin
    Very good hotel, next to live
  • fengfeng_0825
    Suitable for family holiday accommodation in Hotel non-weekend price is good still strongly recommends two restaurants next door to his house in Huainan beef (beef noodle soup is a big plus), diet workshop (authentic Soviet food prices quite affordable)
  • sindygu2008
    Hotel location is good, near Metro station, guanqian Street in close proximity from pingjiang road, lion forest, not far from the humble Administrator's Garden, walking distance to.
  • e00281894
    The hotel is very comfortable, garden-like, great, breakfast was expensive
  • e00330524
    Garden-style hotel is very petty, is near from the view of front Street,
  • caoyang1717
    Good location, guanqian Street, the traffic is very convenient for shopping. the hotel is very special, courtyard garden-style, the ubiquitous Southern style
  • bencn
    Good friend staying, very elegant
  • e02234454
    Hotel location is very good, to Guan Qian Street, a surname Street are very easy, like a smaller version of the hotel gardens, very tasteful. Sockets in the room design ... only thing, insufficient lighting of the room.
  • Coraww
    Great feeling, some people say not much of a prick, I feel very good drops
  • cuber
    Hotel guanqian Street shopping district, outside communications. out is bridges, hotel garden wind, vintage mother love. Hotel health and very clean, because the traffic arrival time delay to call in the lobby, also consider staying again.
  • ellading
    Good, good location but the rooms are relatively simple.
  • Angelxie
    First said shortcomings; first, hotel requirements 12 points check out, but didn't to at 12 o'clock on unauthorized put room lock off of behavior, not satisfaction; second, toilet door bad of, lock tongue off has is hotel not know repair did? and area odd small, health poor, pool table and wash box Shang are is dust, ventilation mouth at more is Pat open-advantages; location good, away from pingjiang road is near of, around dinner compared convenient, is price virtual high; second, indoor socket design thanA more reasonable, and there are many
  • xiao wen
    Hotels in Nice, antique yards and architectural style, namely that of the infrastructure somewhat simple, it should be pointed out that cleaning the next day with no new shoes